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Arizona Wedding Ministers

Arizona Wedding Ceremonies. To create a legal marriage in Arizona, our law requires authorized individuals to perform a ceremony in which the couple is pronounced “married.” If standing before a judge or someone simply ordained on a website is not part of your dream wedding ceremony, please read on and consider Arizona Ministers℠.

Many tell us that we relieved so much of their stress, that our positive leadership and calm demeanor allowed everyone to relax and enjoy their ceremony. Making couples happy on their wedding day is our highest priority. We would love to do our part to help create the perfect wedding ceremony for you!

Ordained Civil Wedding OfficiantYou can trust Arizona Ministers to lead the most meaningful and intimate public moment of your wedding day.

We know you are searching for the very best, most experienced, and personally verified wedding ceremony officiant in Arizona. We’re college graduates, duly ordained by authentic churches, and have records of leadership in those churches, hospitals, and other public institutions. If experience counts, we have performed more than 22,000 Arizona weddings.

Some couples may have different faiths or might not even ‘be religious,’ but would enjoy the celebrating services of a caring, open-minded, dignified, and creative wedding minister. Our romantic, unreligious civil wedding ceremonies are among the most appreciated and enjoyed! We are known as prolific writers and dynamic storytellers who love to speak about love. You’ll never find us judgmental or imposing any beliefs.

Ordained Civil Wedding OfficiantComing to Arizona for a destination wedding and don’t have a trusted clergy connection?  Between churches and haven’t met a qualified wedding officiant, minister, judge, wedding pastor, or priest to perform the marriage ceremony? If you do not belong to a church or know a friendly minister to perform your wedding ceremony in Arizona, you have come to the right place.

Our office is at the Phoenix Wedding Studio, but we serve all couples throughout Arizona. We travel to officiate weddings in Scottsdale, Mesa, Glendale, Sedona, Tucson, Flagstaff, The Grand Canyon, and locations all over Arizona. We even marry couples on a corner in Winslow, Arizona!

Performing Romantic Faith-Based or Civil Ceremonies
Marriage License Execution and Hand Delivery for Recording

Arizona Wedding Ministers
Are you searching for wedding ceremony ideas? With Arizona Ministers, you can write your own vows or personal words. Your customized wedding ceremony may include a traditional Unity Candle, Sand Blending, Anniversary Wine Box Sealing, Bell of Truce, or you can “tie the knot” with our original Golden Cords Ceremony. You can also have a very simple ceremony. We’re here to lead, not push you! We are leaders, not readers.

Orators in the classic sense, we have tried to distinguish our ceremonies from others’ in every way. Blending families means your children can be included. Since we do not read a long script from a binder, we make eye contact and completely engage you and your guests. All traditions & customs are cheerfully respected and facilitated from the heart. Plus, when you retain us, you get someone reputable and respected in the worldwide wedding industry.

We have won lots of wedding industry awards and recognize their popularity among rising wedding vendors. Our greatest blessings are the couples that have stayed in touch and have actually become our friends. We go for the reward, not an award. Like us on Facebook and we can stay in touch, too!

We’re here for you, too. What to do?

See for yourself why we might be just right for you. 
Schedule a complimentary “get acquainted” consultation! We want to hear your love story and wedding ceremony ideas. We can explain everything clearly and help you visualize your entire wedding ceremony. We try making this meeting as exciting as the ceremony itself! You will not doubt our passion for your satisfaction.

First, we need to determine our availability for your wedding date, time, and location. Our calendar fills quickly, so those who call early usually get us. If we can’t officiate your wedding we will introduce you to another trustworthy officiant that is available.

Cell/Text 602-619-7277, 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Messages returned the same or following day.
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HELPFUL TIP: The Marriage License Office is located two traffic lights east of our Phoenix Wedding Studio. Schedule an appointment to meet us during the day and purchase your marriage license on the same trip.

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