You have now been allowed to shape a new life with love, affection, education, and spiritual leadership. Some families want a traditional baby baptism, christening, or baby naming ceremony to ensure God is involved in the child’s life from the very beginning.Baby Baptism Arizona Wedding Ministers

Maybe you have been away from your church for a while, and you are unsure of how to have a ceremony for your child. We’re here to make your baby event easy and convenient.

Our celebration begins with a beautiful poem and Jesus’ lesson on blessing children from The Gospel of Mark. We hear about the importance and responsibilities of parenthood. Promises are made about setting good examples and providing guidance for the child.

You may select Godparents. Others may be invited to participate with us. We pray for the family, and some choose to anoint the child’s head with the sign of the cross (with water from The Jordan River where Jesus Himself was baptized by immersion).

Others prefer a more nondenominational or civil baby naming ceremony, which is optional. The brief ceremony culminates with the parents pronouncing the name that will be with this child for a lifetime. It is truly worth celebrating!

This service is available any day at any location by appointment. Older children and adults may prefer a baptism by immersion, following Jesus’ example. Call now to discuss details or to schedule the ceremony with us. Cell/Text: 602-619-7277, 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Calls and messages are returned the same day or next.

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