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Phillip Waring provides premarital counseling services. A duly ordained Christian minister, he is a caring listener and when offering advice, does so from a Biblical perspective. For issues other than premarital counseling, we now refer clients to a suitable licensed, professional counselor: PsychArizona 


No one is going to judge whether you are compatible or whether this marriage is even a good idea. “It’s like springs on a wagon. Doesn’t take the bumps out of the road, but makes the ride smoother.”

Couples enjoy Phillip Waring’s premarital session. The Taylor/Johnson Temperament Analysis is used to capture a visual graph of one’s personality and how that personality is perceived by your fiancé. Discussion and exercises during the session are a primer on how to accept personality changes for a lifetime marriage. This is a very fun, revealing and interactive session, which also may meet the counseling requirements for an Arizona Covenant Marriage License (including notary service). Call us with questions, for payment options, your log in and password.

Call 480-502-0707, 8 am – 6 pm.

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